Thursday, 21 July 2011

When I first met Bob ......

It was over the Easter Holidays when I first noticed Bob at the swimming pool and I knew then in my heart of heart this would mean that my life was going to change.  In May Bob's pressence was always there.  Bob could have been with me for a long time which was a frightening thought.  This could have explained a lot.  In June I tried to get rid of Bob, but it wasn't that Easy.  Bob was part of my every thought, a major topic of conversation.  I asked questions, I researched but Bob took away the control of where my life was heading Officially my life was on hold.  Bob seemed to entitled people to make decisions on my behalf without consultation, Bob brought insecurity and uncertainity but I had to face the fact that Bob would be with me for quite a while longer.  Not all things with Bob were negative as I met some great people, and found out how supportive my family and friends were.  Who or what is Bob?  Bob is my breast cancer and this is the start of my new blog.  Please share with me my ups and downs, the happy and the sad times of living with this cancer, the emotions involved as I live day to day.

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