Sunday, 7 August 2011

Just because Bob is around doesn't mean I can't be happy!

OK lymph glands out and I am at home.  The op wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be, a bit uncomfortable and painful on occassions but I have lot more mobility then I thought I would.  Feeling a bit stiff where my arm was pulled back and the importance of the arm exercises have been reiterated again.  In fact I have come out feeling quite europhic which is such a strange feeling after feeling so down in the dumps - maybe the antibotics they have put me on are really happy pills!  May be it just the relief that the lymph nodes are gone (or as many as they could get out - there are about 15-20 lymph nodes under the arm and some of them are very small) and I do not have to face another operation.  The nurses as usual were wonderful and very caring although extremely eager for me to go and they even remembered me from last time!  Nothing over the last couple of days have seemed to get me down - not even finding some fleas in my bed last night!!  Pesky dog must have been sneaking onto my bed when I wasn't looking - time to get a stairgate me thinks before he comes back and proper defleaing for him as well!  It is quiet but I am revelling in it at the moment and am just enjoying simple things like a good chat, a game of cards and reading a book in the sunshine but I do hope I get a goodnight sleep tonight without having to change bedcovers at 3am in the morning!  See I am quite happy, having Bob aound doesn't mean I can't be happy you just have to find the joy where you can and hope the worries don't keep you awake at night.  I need to be fit and calm going into chemo which is coming up soon and I just don't know how that is going to effect me so I am learning to take each day as it come and not to stress about something that hasn't happened yet.  Of course there are things I need to sort - a housing benefit problem which I am delighted to find I can claim some - every little bit helps and if I can't get back to work (even for a little bit) facing claiming sickness support and another housing claim - that is to come at the end of the month when I will know just a little bit more.  And really that is what it seems to be about learning just a little bit more each time I see the consultant - no using running when you are not even walking the saying goes.  Well today is Friendship Day and I celebrate all things to do with my friends and family - everyone who has come to visit me, intention of coming down to see me, taken me out, done some shopping, cleaing and cooking for me, rang, texted and correspondend and generally just kept me laughing.  I thank you every one of you. 

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