Thursday, 21 July 2011

More about Bob

First of all I would like to apologise to all Bob's out there!  My son named my cancer Bob when we decided we needed a name for it.  It was considered to call it after my ex husband but decided not to go down this route!!  Bob is tubular, and awas about 60mm (6 cm), which is pretty big.  It is now over 5 weeks since my masectomy and I am still in a little bit of pain and uncomfortable with a saroma (swelling were the blood drains to after the op) which makes it more difficult to do the arm exercises I have to do.  Yes Bob has now caused me to exercise and these arm excerises are ones I will have to do for the rest of my life!  Bob unfortunately is not completely gone - moved to my lymph glands - but after having an x-rate, liver, kidney ultra sound and bone scan has not gone elsewhere (thank God) - the two weeks to find out this was an agonising wait.  Unfortunately I have developed a bad viral cough which is wearing me out.  Also I  have gone up a dress size since the op!  I feel pregnant - bodyshock the doctor calls it - so here I am lopsided, fat and tired trying to keep positive.  That is what most people say to me stay positive and on the whole I do but really I do think I am also entitled to sad and depressed.  So I take my painkillers, my depression pills (and I didn't mention I am diabetic as well) insulin, expectant cough mixture, vitamin C, multi vitimins and minerals - optional paracetamal when I need it along with plenty of honey, lemon and good nutritional food  - although chocolate is also on the menu!

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  1. Dropping by to offer strength, support, and comfort from our Singlemommyhood community. (((BIG HUG)))