Friday, 16 November 2012

A cold night

Written for Uncanny – 9th November 2012 - Foresters

Cold night

The wind blowing chilly,
Leaves dancing within a swirling whirlwind rustle
on the damp night time air
She shivered and huddled further deeply
within her comforting warm coat,
Hands in her pockets, shoes clipping along the pavement
Head down, focussed on her journey not trying to care
Hurry, hurry she was late, her thoughts panicked, and a frown
Hovered across her wrinkled brow.
How had she got here, how had she arrived,
Where was she going now?
She glanced behind her, not knowing what she would see
But the darkened shadows under lighted street lamps
Weaving round the baroness of the looming trees
A quiver tingled down her spine
This was not where she should be,
This was not her time
But she had to keep on going, keep moving forward
Forgetting the past, nothing ever lasts
She blocked out the grief, her unbelief
Blighted by her darkening spirit, despairing soul
Her very self - hidden in a deep black hole
Chased by memories creeping, catching up behind her
Lost in the blinding foggy mist her mind a blur
She didn’t want to remember, desperate not to recall
Those precious sacred moments before her downfall
The struggle, the fight to keep on hanging on
Her weakness letting her down, she wasn’t strong
With every stroke of that bloodied knife
Wielding, yielding, cheated
 Slipping away from life
And yet she kept on walking not knowing what she was heading for
A ghostly form doomed to wander our deadened streets for ever more.

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