Friday, 22 July 2011

Bob has shown me how people care

The day I was diagnosed with Bob, my tenants had disappeared owing me substantial rent, my son's bike was stolen, I had no hot water as the boiler had broken down and I was diagnosed with cancer - I call it my soap opera life.  My belief and trust in people in general had taken a big knock.  A miricle happened when a stranger came to door and bought my son a new bike - he didn't know about Bob.  My dad came to stay before I went in for my operation and gave me some money - saying its only money and you need not to worry about it now (not enough to cover all my problems but an amount which left me able to cope better). Although having my Dad to stay created all kinds of unique problems not anticipated - but I was just happy to have him to stay.  I haven't seen my Dad for about two years due to lots of reasons although we are very close, and this had brought us back together.  My friends and family who gathered together to put a rota together to help me over the first couple of weeks after the operation (and also giving me ongoing support).  Some old work colleagues came to visit from London cooking me a wonderful roast dinner and had me singing kareoke and laughing two days after the op. I have had various visistors from people I barely know dropping in for coffee and offering their support - loads and loads of telephone calls until it was impossible for me to just sit still and I got fed up with talking!  I have only to ring the cancer care people, speak to the nurses, help lines to talk to people - other people have contacted me who had had cancer which I never knew about to offer their unofficial counselling and advice and so it goes on.  Apparently I also have people praying for me all over the world! Facebook and text messages galore - to be honest its all been a little overwhelming but I never really knew how many people cared.  All the wonderful flowers are long since dead now - my pot plant still flourishes from the Bishoop - the cards are gathering dust on the shelves -and I wonder how long should I keep them up?  Its strange with all of this I still feel very much feel alone - they do say you can feel alone in a crowd. 

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