Thursday, 10 May 2012

Get Stuffed!

Now I just can't stop putting my thoughts into rhyme!

Don’t make mountains out of molehills
A trickling stream to roaring sea
A gentle breeze to a hurricane
A sapling into a tree

Don’t split hairs down the middle
Argue black is blue
Look for the missing comma
Make one plus zero two

Don’t judge without knowing
Acover is not a book
Expect the worst it might not be
Or jump before you look

Don’t speak without thinking
Listen but don’t hear
Think you’re always right
Give in to what you fear

 Don’t let people get you down
Tell you how to love
What to read or to believe
Just tell them to get stuffed!

"The purpose of life is not to win. The purpose of life is to grow and to share. When you come to look back on all that you have done in life, you will get more satisfaction from the pleasure you have brought into other people's lives than you will from the time that you outdid and defeated them." Gary Coleman

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